110 Cyborg system is an urban design strategy proposing intensive urban farming along the unexploited edge of the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles, USA. The city is perpetually expanding, has an increasing thirst for natural resources, a lack of green spaces, a convenience driven and car orientated culture, and most significantly does not produce its own resources but rather draws them from the anthropogenic landscape beyond its periphery. 110[CyS] directly addresses these issues; a system of ‘corn mechanisms’ reimagines urban farming on a massive scale whilst integrating into existing hard infrastructures of transportation and resource distribution, alongside soft infrastructures of education, local exchange and ecology. The GM corn crop consumes CO2 saturating the air proximate to the 110 freeway, convenient drive through platforms offer corn derived ethanol to fuel motor vehicles, pit stops provide staple foods yielded from the systems crop, local agri-culture and communities are incubated, natural and infrastructural systems are hybridised into a networked ecology.
110 freeway drive through architecture
110 freeway cyborg system architecture
110 freeway blue line metro station architecture
110 freeway alameda corridor architecture
110 freeway intersections architecture
110 freeway landuse architecture
110 freeway drive through typologies architecture
110 freeway cyborg system overview architecture
110 freeway corn cultivation architecture
110 freeway biofuel yield architecture
110 freeway pit stop architecture
110 freeway pitstop architecture
110 freeway LA architecture
Client:n/a, Location:Los Angeles USA, Budget:n/a, Involvement:2010, Status:Competition