An architectural research project and landscape installation, conceived and constructed within three days on a private estate in Gloucestershire UK. Studying a curious geological dip within a grazing field on the estate raised a simple question; can the landscape be used as a formwork to cast architecture? Employing a section of the dip as formwork, a timber cast was constructed and in turn, removed from its landscape formwork, inverted and set down beside the dip by fifty persons. The resulting cast architecture becomes the 'antipode' of a very specific point on the earth's surface, the dip. The project was undertaken during the annual 'Studio In The Woods' in collaboration with research directors Kate Darby and Gianni Botsford.
antipode earth formwork cows architecture
antipode inverted architecture
antipode earth formwork architecture
antipode section drawing architecture
antipode earth formwork cast architecture
antipode cutting timber architecture
antipode cows scale architecture
Client:n/a Location:Gloucestershire UK, Budget:£1000, Involvement:2008, Status:Completed